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11-13-2010 2:17:07 PM EST

Thanks who ever you are i can post more

11-13-2010 5:39:57 AM EST
Jim, these are wonderful!!! Thank you so very much,and yes, please post as many as you have of the "good ole' days".

Jim Colegrove   jimcolegrove2@gmail.com
11-12-2010 9:39:46 PM EST

one more. I do have more if anyone wants a bigger picture, Just email me

11-12-2010 4:43:05 PM EST

wanted to share a pic of my Dad

11-11-2010 9:09:00 PM EST

peep 8
11-11-2010 2:17:59 PM EST
Peep Peep

11-09-2010 8:05:59 AM EST
hi where are my peeps at

joyce   joyce_woffenden2002@yahoo.com
10-27-2010 10:26:43 PM EST
ok i found out that my gg gandfather name was richard legrand colegrove.. SO i hope some one know him if not o then just trying to find where my dad side ofthe family came from is all

joyce   joyce_woffenden2002@yahoo.com
10-27-2010 9:36:41 PM EST
hi ever one well i was look around and find the this website about the colegrove and there is some george in it johnhoyt.com

Danielle   dnhrose@aol.com
10-26-2010 8:34:19 PM EST
Hello Joyce~ we have a distant cousin by the name of George circa late 1800's. He would not be one of our grandfathers. Sorry, wrong line of family. Lordy Bee~ there are so many Colegrove's out there it is hard to keep up with them all. Best of luck to you in your search.

Cindy   cjkrc157@aol.com
10-26-2010 3:39:30 PM EST
Hi Joyce, go to main page of this web site and click on Colegrove, this line of Colegrove's does not have and George's at all. I'm sorry but it doesn't look like we are from the same Colegrove line. I wish you luck in your searches. It can be frustrating.

hi my name is joyce colegrove   joyce_woffenden2002@yahoo.com
10-26-2010 12:59:14 AM EST
Hey i found out by a cuz of mine grandfathers name was George Donald but we all knew him as Uncle Don, his fathers name was George Star Colegrove, that would be your great grandfather

Donna   jmanjrod@hotmail.com
10-19-2010 9:20:15 AM EST

Iam Cindy Colegrove's daughter granddaugher of Ruby and Curt. I wanted to thank my sister Niki for making the website and for all the hard work that she has put into it, I am eager to learn more about our family's history so if you have usful information, please post it.

10-12-2010 7:43:31 AM EST
Well, it's been about 2 weeks of you thinking about it, still have'nt come up with anything, huh. Nikki has done an excellent job and I don't see how she can improve on it. Keep on Keeping on and maybe, just maybe, you'll come up with something.

09-30-2010 8:41:41 PM EST
I might. I will think about it.

09-27-2010 5:44:23 AM EST
I have not a clue......... do you have any idea?

09-26-2010 9:39:08 PM EST
what could niki do to make it better? or get more attention?

IAAM again
09-26-2010 9:07:01 AM EST
There used to be a new message or 7 posted about everyday and now it's like people lost interest. I love this website and owe Cindy and Nikki a great big THANK YOU. I hope FB is'nt taking over(lol)

09-26-2010 8:02:46 AM EST
Well, Hello Mystery person. How are you?

09-25-2010 8:21:38 PM EST
I don't know if anyone else visits this site. We do. Maybe one or two other people.

09-24-2010 4:52:07 PM EST
Just wondering if anybody visits this site anymore and ther is only 1 IAAM (lmao)

09-24-2010 3:00:30 PM EST
Who's there?

09-23-2010 5:06:34 AM EST
Knock Knock

Danielle   dnhrose@aol.com
09-09-2010 9:12:44 PM EST
RE: Address Update I am asking that all my family send me your current address. I try to keep this updated as much as possible. Who knows, I may need to send out invitations for something, ya never know. If you would please email them to me I would so much greatly appreciate it. DNHROSE@AOL.COM Thanks in advance! Love ya

08-26-2010 7:29:16 AM EST
cindy we must be twins because my mommy is having a birthday on Sept 25th tooo. I would love to go to her party but I will be busy unpacking. I love her and you to.

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