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07-27-2010 8:32:58 PM EST
Please do not address messages to me if you can't AT LEAST identify yourself!! Have you nothing better to do, like clean your house or take a bath.

Happy to be Gone
07-27-2010 4:11:26 PM EST
Cathy learn to spell LOL LOL LOL

nobody loves me
07-26-2010 9:19:58 AM EST
needing familey in michigan

07-15-2010 1:21:42 AM EST
Happy Birthday Raymond and Raylene!!! 41 yrs. "Young". Hope you guys have a good one. luv ya, Aunt Cathy.

Danielle   dnhrose@aol.com
07-13-2010 4:56:04 PM EST
Dinah- Thanks again for offering me the book. I am very excited and cannot wait for its arrive in my mail. I emailed you my information per our phone convo! Thanks again for finding our family history website and again, offering me the book. I will treasure it forever and see that it is taken care of. If anyone else would like a copy of this book or a chance to see it, let me know. As long as there are no copy right issues, I will scan the book and put it online! Thanks a again Dinah.

Dinah Colegrove   auntiedinah@aol.com
07-12-2010 7:15:57 PM EST
Hi Danielle, My name is Dinah and I am one of Howard's grandaughters through his son Everett Herman Colegrove. I was going through my brother's belonging and he had a copy taken of the 1894 book The Colegroves in America by William Colegrove. Is this something you would be interested in. My branch of the family hs almost died out and I want to pass it on to someone that would appreciate it. It is over 385 pages copied (2 book pages per 8x11 page) so the book was 770 pages. I is a pretty study of the family with alot of background info on our ancestors. Would you like it? Le me know.

06-29-2010 3:58:09 AM EST
Happy Birthsay Don!!! I sure hope you have a "Piggy Wow" day. I love you, have a great day.

o.k., o.k., o.k., IAAM
06-18-2010 9:34:49 AM EST

06-18-2010 9:34:09 AM EST
Happy Birthday Aunt Helen! Hope that you have a really good birthday

06-18-2010 8:42:19 AM EST
She is Lying I swear can't trust that girl. While I also wish you a Happy Happy Birthday and hope it's the best I will have to tell you that it's stall all about her. (Always has been, always will be) We love you dearly

06-18-2010 5:53:25 AM EST
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Precious, sweet wonderful sis Helen, Happy Birthday to you aaaannnnnddddd many mmmmmooooorrrrreeeee! I love you and just for today........... IT'A ALLLLLL ABOUT YOU!!!!!!

06-11-2010 1:45:31 PM EST
I had the bestesetesetsest time ever! I want to go to Florida and do it again. We be twins again Cat.

06-11-2010 4:42:16 AM EST
ONLY a few years older(smile) and it's not all about you.... it's ALLLLLLLLL about us!!!! We really did have a wonderful time and I thank you both. luv you both very much

Precious little dummy
06-10-2010 11:28:57 AM EST

Gee Cathy and Cindy, do you think we are just a little older?? I had the time of my life with you all. I love you so much and thank you for taking the time to visit with me,me, it is all about me. hahaha

back @ you
06-08-2010 11:48:52 AM EST

Danielle   dnhrose@aol.com
06-08-2010 9:56:38 AM EST
To YOU: Glad no signs of breast cancer! Love you-

Niki Noodle
06-01-2010 9:57:12 PM EST
Aunt Cathy- Hope you are doing well. Maybe you'll be back on your feet again soon. Granny wants us to come see her.... you gotta get better soon! Love YOU!!!! 'Cuz its all about you, duh!

Danielle   dnhrose@aol.com
06-01-2010 9:55:32 PM EST
Love the pics! Treasure the moments together as if they're the last. Love my aunts! and my uncles. I am so glad that I saw my Aunt Helen. Its been seen long since I had seen her last. Miss you x0x0

oops, lil dummy II
06-01-2010 12:00:25 PM EST

Posted wrong pic, go figure. Must take after "you know who"

1 of 3
06-01-2010 11:59:17 AM EST

What a great time we had! Compare this one to the last pic posted of the 3 of us.

05-23-2010 6:00:12 AM EST
Helen n Cindy,giggle,giggle, snicker, snicker and a hardy har- har-har!!! I had the best time at our Slumber Party. Thank you both for the best laugh I've had in a year or more. Whew! My Precious's! (smile)I love you both dearly.

Danielle   dnhrose@aol.com
05-22-2010 4:15:22 PM EST
IAAM- Thank you! As you already know, today I feel a lot better than yesterday and the day before. I feel like I can move a little faster today, and its progressing! Glad you got to see me today! (Smiles) I hope that you get better soon also. Four more weeks~~ Hopefully as good as new! I be lovin\\

05-20-2010 3:15:13 PM EST
Nikki, just wanted you to know I'm thinking about you and hope you feel better REAL soon. I love you and sooooooooooooo glad you were'nt seriously injured.

05-11-2010 5:54:36 AM EST
Happy Birthday Tina and Belva, Hope ya'll have a super great day. Love you both.

05-03-2010 4:00:11 AM EST
Thank You Aunt Cindy and Nikki, I had a wonderful day!!! luv ya both

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