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Guess Who
05-14-2009 10:09:52 PM EST
Just for today let's pretend we are all normal!

mandy   amanacash@yahoo.com
05-10-2009 6:16:01 PM EST
I just want to say HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the moms in our family

Danielle   dnhrose@aol.com
05-08-2009 9:54:26 AM EST
Happy Birthday, Dallas!!!

05-07-2009 8:03:05 PM EST
Happy, Happy Birthday to Dallas!!!! (for tomorrow, May 8th) I hope you have a wonderful day. Aunt Cathy

05-04-2009 8:36:44 AM EST
CHANGE IN BIRTHDAY PARTY DATE: Haven't heard from anyone about coming to the party but wanted to let you know that the date is 17th of May. NOAT THE 17th. Hope to see you there

Cody Dunn
05-03-2009 8:55:23 AM EST
Nikki, tyvm, I had a great 1 with my Granny!! C.J.

05-02-2009 9:16:30 PM EST
Happy Birthday CJ! Hope you have had a great day.

Cindy   wenchygal@aol.com
04-24-2009 1:29:28 PM EST
Happy Birthday to all the May ladies (and other thangs.) Belva and Tina will be meeting at my house for a celebration. This is an open invitation to anyone that would like to come. It will be May16th 3ish o'clock.

Cindy   wenchygal@aol.com
04-24-2009 1:16:58 PM EST

Hey to all, I hope everyone notices the new tab on the home page. This sounds like fun for all to participate in. Looks like John has a head start. I hope he submits that recipe.

Danielle   dnhrose@aol.com
04-21-2009 1:34:29 PM EST
TO: Uncle Jay (James) I hope you have a great birthday!

04-21-2009 11:53:32 AM EST
Nikki, those r good pic,s of her b-day party!!! Thank you 4 sharing them. I love you, Aunt Cathy

Cindy   wenchygal@aol.com
04-20-2009 8:40:13 AM EST
Good Morning Niki Noodle, I like the new pics of the birthday party that you posted. Hope everyone else checks them out. Love you

04-20-2009 8:34:43 AM EST
Hey Chris, how's the renovations going? Hope you can come to Kentucky to help celebrate all the May Birthdays. Tina and Belva will be in the weekend after Mother's day. Please try Love you bunches.

chris colegrove   ccolegro@steelcase.com
04-20-2009 6:41:37 AM EST
Hi:All of my familey,huggs and kisses all around.Love all of you.

04-18-2009 10:34:53 PM EST
He's absolutely handsome!!!

04-16-2009 10:52:57 AM EST
sorry he was moving his hand

04-16-2009 10:51:47 AM EST

here is a pic of joshua ray colegrove

04-09-2009 8:29:59 PM EST
Danielle, Just got on and saw your message. Thanks alot. You really touched my heart honey. I love you!!

Lisa Mack   Lisa43811@yahoo.com
04-09-2009 5:36:07 PM EST
HI TO KIMBERLY COLEGROVE!!!! its me ...Lisa, lulabells grandaughter. I have been thinking about you all . How is your mother Fay and you brother eddy roy and your sister debbie I haven\\

Danielle   dnhrose@aol.com
04-08-2009 1:44:03 PM EST
HEY RAYLENE: How are things going? I haven't seen or talked to you in a long time! Hope all is well. Thanks for dropping in on the web-site.

04-08-2009 10:23:20 AM EST
just wanted to say hi!! i don't see anyone in my family anymore

little raymond
04-07-2009 10:11:07 PM EST
jimmy,im sorry for knot comming to cardinal valley to see you,its tooooo cold on a 10.speed....ill be there cousin.....raymond

Danielle   dnhrose@aol.com
04-07-2009 4:59:43 PM EST
I bet Joshua is getting so big! Would love to see some new pics of him. Hope all is well.

04-07-2009 2:11:10 PM EST
no jimmy and laura are not moving out of lex at this moment they are taking time to enjoy their beautiful baby boy he is looking more and more like a colegrove every day

little raymond
04-07-2009 6:31:39 AM EST
danielle,would you erase some of me im please... thanks little raymond

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