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little raymond
04-06-2009 6:35:32 PM EST
hi little chris,your favrite cousin little raymond

anonymous 2
04-06-2009 3:46:18 PM EST

Dan   dhag242512@aol.com
04-06-2009 3:07:17 PM EST
Peep-Peep-lmao I no who you are i dont want to hear another peep out of you

relative 2
04-06-2009 10:30:00 AM EST
Life, the ultimate journey. Experience it, live it. Never be too old for yourself. Savor the time you have. Remember the key to true happiness lies within your grasp. It's simple to fin, just use an open mind and heart. Don't worry about the thoughts of others. Be yourself, don't put on a front, just be you. Have a will of steel which is cast of purest metal. Have a strength measured in wisdom. Have a heart of melted forgiveness.

pat and little raymond
04-06-2009 4:53:59 AM EST
our phone number is 859-317-8419

little raymond
04-05-2009 3:12:49 PM EST
for all the family who knew the youngs from harlen kentucky,hershel and big raymond young has passed away.....little raymond

little raymond
04-04-2009 8:39:31 PM EST
jimmy are you moving out of town

little raymond
04-04-2009 12:02:43 PM EST
just giving everyone a goodmorning wave

Danielle   dnhrose@aol.com
04-03-2009 5:48:51 PM EST
Hey Lil' Raymond. How are you doing? Thanks for stopping by the site. Hope all is well.

Crazy 8's
04-03-2009 9:35:00 AM EST
Hey Lil Raym, u sure got me on that 1!!!!!!, said u could'nt figger out 2 get on here n it looks like a mighty fine job u did. LOL.U R A BRAT (smile) That is a georgeous picture! Aunt Me

04-03-2009 8:19:51 AM EST
Happy Birthday Daddy. Hello Little Raymond, that is a beautiful picture.

04-03-2009 8:10:46 AM EST

hello every one,little raymond young

Danielle   dnhrose@aol.com
04-02-2009 1:24:39 PM EST
To Helen: I updated the web-page under that piece of wood and now it reads that you made it. I love you too.

04-02-2009 8:08:33 AM EST
Nikki, I made that for tina, I had forgotten all about it. Made me want to cry. I worked hard on it. love you all

03-30-2009 8:44:57 PM EST
What surprised me was that within this family, the voices of sisters as they're talking are virtually always the same.

Danielle   dnhrose@aol.com
03-29-2009 11:24:27 AM EST
Hello family! On the "Colegroves" link I have added a picture of Jedediah Darius Colegrove (1811-1882) who is a son to Jeremiah Colegrove (1777 - ?) Jedediah Darius is a cousin to Curtis Chritpher Colegrove (1916 - 1977). I also have added a Google Earth picture of the location of the Orchard Hill Memory Gardens where Howard Colegrove (1893 - 1983), Joe & Kat and Joseph Jr. are buried. Love you guys! More updates coming soon.

03-19-2009 12:57:19 PM EST
By the way My father is Joseph Bishop Colegrove Jr. He had three children Eddie Roy, Deborah Faye and Myself Kimberly Sue. My mother was Larlene Adkins. If any of this helps you out at all I have lots of old photos that I have yet to scan in. My cousin Christopher Colegrove son of David & Marilyn is also into history. He might also be able to aid your search. This was a nice website. If you would like email me sometime.

Kimberly   kimberlycolegrove@yahoo.com
03-19-2009 12:45:18 PM EST
I apologize as I am not sure who's website this is. It is very strange to google your fathers name and find a whole website dedicated to our family. This was nice. Tomorrow it will be 18 years that my father has passed away. I try to visit him as much as possible as he is in WVA. Whosever website this is please let me know as I am sure I have lots more photos to add to it.

Danielle   dnhrose@aol.com
03-17-2009 8:10:50 AM EST
Aunt Becky!!! Hope you have a super birthday! Love ya. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, aunt Becky.... Happy Birthday to you!

03-15-2009 8:12:12 PM EST
I have a calendar with daily quotes. The quote for TODAY is by Betsy Cohen. "Your siblings are the only people in the world who know what it's like to have been brought up the way you were." I just wanted to share that with everyone. Love you guys.

03-15-2009 7:30:12 PM EST
thinking of you all today with love

CJ da DJ
03-13-2009 2:11:42 PM EST
We look like a drunk bunch... or at least happy at the time.

Danielle   dnhrose@aol.com
03-13-2009 12:46:54 PM EST

And another...

Danielle   dnhrose@aol.com
03-13-2009 12:46:30 PM EST

I came across some pictures! LOL

03-12-2009 9:17:18 AM EST
peep! peep![hee-hee-hee]

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