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christy   nene7734@yahoo.com
08-23-2011 4:53:40 PM EST
Hey its me again Christy! Hey aunt cindy I am still in Lexington getting ready to move over on Liberty Rd. Ill let you know when I am settled in and we can meet up then......Aunt kathy I cant remember what street and # it is.... call me 859-433-5217

05-30-2011 6:59:06 AM EST
Sure hope everyone has a safe Memorial Day.

05-08-2011 12:48:35 PM EST
Happy, HAPPY, hApPy, SlaP haPpY Mothers Day!!!!!

05-06-2011 8:03:15 AM EST
Lawdy, Lawdy has FB taken over? Nobody seems to post any more. I miss reading things from the family. Take Care and have a good day!!!!!!!!

chris   ccolegro@steelcase.com
03-16-2011 10:25:17 AM EST
Happy birthday little sis Becky,xoxoxoxoxoxo

Phil   blu_grass1@yahoo.com
03-14-2011 5:48:43 PM EST
Hello All,I just found out today who my kinfolk on my mothers side,My GGF was jedediah daruis colegrove,his son William M, his son was my Grandfater was Jerry Colegrove,My mothers birthday was yesterday and I gave her a belated present today,she was so happy.I trying to locate some cementaries in lawrence co,ky Where Jedediah was buried(or if he was).Love the site God Bless

03-09-2011 1:35:21 PM EST
Thanks there big brother. I haven't been on for a while so I didn't see your birthday wishes until today. Love you and hope to see you soon.

Kelly   kelkubi@gmail.com
03-01-2011 7:51:29 PM EST
Hello All, I'm Kelly (Albright) Kubitschek, Jeremiah Colegrove is my GG-Grandfather, I have the same photo of him that you have on your website with Ardelia Colegrove. My family descends from Jeremiah and his first wife, Mary Ann. Their daughter, Thena Jane (Colegrove) Albright, is my G-Grandmother. I saw your posting about the cemetery clean up, I wish I could be there to help, but I live in Nebraska. I was in Kentucky in June of last year meeting family for the first time and walking through many cemeteries. There is one in Grayson, Carter County, Kentucky that also needs a lot of attention. My husband Greg and I walked in a little way, but it was in such bad shape and such a hot day that we didn't get very far. However, there are Colegroves buried in that cemetery. I do have photos of a few head stones. I don't even know the name of the cemetery, a cousin gave me directions to it, but didn't give me the name. The cemetery is located on State Hwy 1947, you can only see a couple of headstones from the road. It sits right next to a house that has a concrete retaining wall in front of it. I don't know how to go about getting this cemetery cleaned up, it is in terrible condition, which was very heartbreaking. Let me know if you would like the photos I took while I was there. Also, if you are interested in visiting the cemetery I will send better directions and a google map.

Chris    ccolegro@steelcase.com
02-28-2011 6:18:43 AM EST
Happy Birthday little sis.XOXOXOXOX

02-22-2011 5:55:25 PM EST
Does anyone know who has the Chappell's Dairy clock that belonged to Mom? Some of us are just curious. Thanks

Danielle New   dnhrose@aol.com
02-21-2011 2:06:05 PM EST
THE CLEAN-UP DATE IS GETTING CLOSER!!! There are ten (10) or more headstones for men who have served our country, many from the Civil War and World War II. In addition, RootsWeb explains that Betsy Layne herself is buried in the Betsy Layne Cemetery, although her headstone has been damaged, removed, or she never had one. There are many businesses, schools, and even the town is named after Betsy Layne. It is sad that the cemetery has gotten in the shape it is in, and will only get worse. Without the help of about twenty or more volunteers this clean-up WILL NOT be successful and the cemetery will go another year or decade until more headstones are lost forever, buried in the overgrown vegetation. I have started a non-profit organization with the state to help with the future cleaning and mowing services that will be needed. GET INVOLVED!!! VOLUNTEER TODAY

02-16-2011 1:56:32 PM EST
Can`t you remember when dad was 58.Now that is scarey.

02-12-2011 5:12:36 AM EST
Happy, Happy, Happy 58th Birthday,Chris!!! I sure hope you enjoy your day. Luv ya.

Danielle   dnhrose@aol.com
02-03-2011 8:42:50 PM EST
To MY Aunt Cathy~ What's up mama? Its funny how email hosts (like insightbb.com) suggest email addresses for you but they don't want to use all of the letter in your name. Anyhow- thanks for sharing your new address. Love you

Danielle   dnhrose@aol.com
02-03-2011 8:41:53 PM EST
To Jay- I am Danielle. It is very nice to meet you. You can call me anytime for any more information I can share with you regarding our family history. I have been researching since about 2006. I am so glad that you found the website! Have you visited the cemetery clean-up page? We could DEFINITELY use your help and whoever else can come. April 2, 2011. There are about ten or so military headstones in the same cemetery as Joseph Colegrove. I look forward to talking with you more.

01-31-2011 11:49:24 AM EST
To All: My NEW Email is: cathy.colegove11@insightbb.com No, I did not misspell my last name, it's just that Insight decided they liked it better this way (smile)

01-28-2011 10:31:38 AM EST
Hello Jay, welcome to the web-site. Joseph Colegrove is buried in Betsy Layne Cemetary. That is the one that is mentioned on Facebook that we are trying to get cleaned up. The Colegrove graves have very nice head stones but the cemetary itself is very overgrown and needs lots of work. Consider coming down to help out that weekend. That would be super and give us a chance to meet. I am Curtis Colegrove's daugter.

James (Jay) Colegrove
01-28-2011 6:00:44 AM EST
I am from Ironton,Oh.I seen where it mentioned that a Joseph Colegrove was livivng in Ironton around 1910,but he had moved back to Kentucky shortly after that...I know very little about the family history but I want dig deeper and this seems like a good place to start..I know a few names that were in Ironton around that time period,but they are not mentioned here..

Jay Colegrove
01-28-2011 1:50:27 AM EST
Hello extended Fam???

Danielle   dnhrose@aol.com
01-27-2011 11:00:02 PM EST
Good evening everyone! Hope you all have enjoyed all this snow!!! YaY. Please check out the Betsy Layne Cemetery Clean-Up page on Facebook. (It is spelled and typed exactly like that.) Please "LIKE" the page and support the clean-up. Thanks in advance for all your help and support

Tis only me!

My makeup looks better than yours, and mt hair looks pretty good too! lol

carl   bonez0158@yahoo.com
01-26-2011 11:32:10 AM EST
where is all my family at

01-26-2011 7:12:44 AM EST

01-25-2011 2:48:17 PM EST
well with all that girly makeup on i dont know who u r

Tis only me
01-24-2011 12:56:34 PM EST
I'm your Uncle! Can't you tell I'm in drag? LMAO o.k.k, o.k. Imma gonna e-mail you

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