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11-25-2008 11:16:45 AM EST
ty cathy and happy thanksgiving to you too

11-25-2008 8:05:40 AM EST
Just wanted to wish everyone a"VERY, VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!

Daniellle New   dnhrose@aol.com
11-05-2008 11:07:46 PM EST
To: MARCELLA COOPER MERZ: Hello! The information I have found from James W. Cooper & Sarah Kimberlini I have found on ancestry.com. You can view my information, copies of original documents. There are some census records, etc. As noted, census records are not 100% correct. I would love to talk with you and compare information. You can email me and we'll exchange numbers! I haven't found a lot of information on these two people and maybe it is because some information may be incorrect. Their children and places the family lived are taken from the census records. DNHROSE@aol.com.

Marcella Cooper Merz   mmerz@woh.rr.com
11-05-2008 12:57:13 PM EST
I am really confussed by the James W. Cooper & Sarah C. Kimberlin family tree on this web site. If someone could give me some insight to where the information came from I would really appreciate it. I am a decendant of James William Cooper and Sarah Kimberlin. I've visited their graves many times and that of their ancestors. The dates and places you have listed don't jive with what I know to be fact from the records I have in hand. Please help me. I just have a hard time believing that there can be two James W. Cooper's married to Sarah Kimberlin. Please help!

10-22-2008 4:36:28 PM EST
Hey Becky~~~ I didn't know that Granny bought the house from George Stines. I knew you were the one that got hit by the car but I didn't know who she bought the house from. Can you email me your email address? Register it from the home page to receive updates on this website. Tell Amanda to do the same. I want to keep in touch with everyone possible. Love ya

10-21-2008 11:06:56 AM EST
Danielle, I was the one that got hit by a car and Mom bought the house from George Stines and his wife in Clovertown, KY

amanda cash
10-21-2008 10:54:20 AM EST

I feel that someone should mail out letters to introduce this website i had no ideal in my family Becky Harrison March 17,1962 Paul Colegrove May 18,1980 Carl Colegrove March 2,1982 Amanda Cash june 4,1983 Paul's kids Paul Curtis Colegrove December 30 1999 Alyssa Michelle Colegrove July 1 2003 Carl's Carl Wayne Colegrove II Sept 8 2004 Kirsten Marie Colegrove October 10 2006 -April 15,2007 Amanda's Chasity K Cash Aug 29,2000 James Lee Broughton Sept 16,2001 Casey Hunter Flora Nov 30,2003 Thanks for letting me in yalls group!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Danielle   dnhrose@aol.com
10-20-2008 4:10:52 PM EST
Hello everyone! Please let other people know about this website. Thanks Johnny for finding us! Keep in touch.

Johnny Roy Colegrove Jr.   johnny_back_in_gr@yahoo.com
10-12-2008 4:17:25 PM EST
Great site. Hello to all of my long lost family. Drop me a line or two if you'd like.

b-day girl
08-06-2008 3:45:00 AM EST
Ruby, thank you sooooooooooooo very much!!!! I love you too, honey, and hope you had a very, very special day also on the third!! Aunt Cathy

Lisa Mack (Elliott)   Lisa43811@yahoo.com
08-05-2008 5:05:38 PM EST

Hello,I am Lisa I am Lulabells grand-daughter , daughter of Charles L. Elliott (Sunny). We went down to Yawkey, W.V. where Papaw is bured. I took this photos July 12, 2008 and wanted to share them with you all here. Dad says hi to Ella and Anut mary and where is the reunion and where I would love to be there

Ruby Jane
08-04-2008 8:28:32 PM EST

Happy Birthday Aunt Cathy! I love you, ---Ruby Jane

07-23-2008 7:23:49 AM EST
raylene, you are very wecome and i hope your b-day was a good one........aunt cathy

Donna   jmanjrod@hotmail.com
07-21-2008 11:45:37 AM EST
Just wanted to say hi to every1, and say Happy Birthday to Raylene and Christy!!

raylene mccoy   raylene.mccoy@fayette.kyschools.us
07-21-2008 11:39:49 AM EST
thanks for the birthday wish!!! i have just discovered this site. way to go

07-20-2008 3:06:05 PM EST
hey christy, you are very welcome!! hope your b-day was a GREAT one. Aunt Cathy841f4

christy colegrove
07-19-2008 12:07:11 PM EST
This is Christy Lynn. I am 34 Thanks for the b-day wishes!

Danielle (Host)   DNHROSE@AOL.COM
07-14-2008 9:30:10 PM EST
WOW: To ELLA ESTRADA WOW WOW WOW, I was more than surprised to see someone found the website. Thanks for posting the pictures. I look forward to chatting with you and possibly meeting!

07-13-2008 11:01:47 AM EST
Well as you guessed by now - I figured out the uploading of pictures. Can not wait to hear from all of you. Mom will really enjoy it!

07-13-2008 11:00:01 AM EST

Grandma Colegrove, Orbie standing next to her, Kat(Joe's wife) then behind Grandma is Mary, then behind her from left to right is Ned, Dorothy, Lulabelle holding Sonny, and Howard Junior. This was taken around 1944

07-13-2008 10:54:39 AM EST

This is Joe and Kat not long after getting married. Mom says she was around 10-12 years old so about 1941 to 1943?

07-13-2008 10:50:51 AM EST

This is Lucy Mae Colegrove. She die at 2 1/2 years old from pneumonia that was contracted from the Measles about 1935 or 1936.

07-13-2008 10:46:56 AM EST

This is my mother Mary Madaglene Colegrove Moore. She was about 14 years old in this picture taken around 1945 or 1946.

07-13-2008 10:43:03 AM EST

This Uncle Ned and his step-daughter Cassandra. This was taken in Wayland June 1978.

07-13-2008 10:32:48 AM EST

This picture was taken after Grandpa's funeral.

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