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Ella   ellaestrada@roadrunner.com
07-13-2008 9:58:35 AM EST

Hello, My name is Ella Faye Estrada. I am the yougest daughter of Beverage and Mary Colegrove Moore. My mother was speaking with Sonny Lulabelle son) this weekend and he told her about your website. I am very impressed! My mother was to but did not agree with some of the bio on her mother and father. I remember Uncle Curt and his friend Cindy coming to visit with us from Grand Rapids during the early 70s. As I remember he always had a great sense of humor. I am attempting to post this picture of Grandma and Grandpa and hope it comes through. My mother has many photos and memories as well as complete geneology of the Colegrove family (with exceptions of updates) going back to I believe 1700s. We also have many 8mm films of Grandpa and Uncle Junior when he lived in Van Wert, OH. We live in Marion, OH but often come home to Wayland were my dad's family lives as well as our family cemetary. My mother was excited to know that there maybe a reunoin in September. I could go forever. Uncle Junior children live here in Marion as well. Rod, Debbie, and Darrell Colegrove. Can't wait to hear from you!

07-03-2008 12:45:55 PM EST
Welcome to Ky. Jimmy and Laura Colegrove! Jimmy is the first grandson of Curt and Ruby Colegrove.

07-03-2008 11:38:21 AM EST
nikki, christy lynn,s b-day is july 16th. i do not know her age tho, chris should have it, so, happy birthday to you christy!!

07-03-2008 11:25:15 AM EST
nikki, raymond and raylene,s b-day is july 15. they were born in 1969. raymond at 8:00 and raylene at 8:59 am.they will be 39. happy birthday you two!!!!!

Mom (Cindy)
07-02-2008 7:55:42 PM EST
Niki, can't you delete some of those pics from Donna?

Cindy (Colegrove) Haggard
07-02-2008 7:53:42 PM EST
To Curtis Colegrove's question. I have heard the name Burl Colegrove but not sure where. My Dad was Curtis Colegrove and my grandfather (Howard) lived in W VA. Would like to know more about your family.

curtis colegrove
06-30-2008 12:00:22 PM EST
Just wanted to know if you are related to Marlene Colegrove or Burl Colegrove? I believe from Lincoln County WV.

Christopher Lee Colegrove   clcolegrove@gmail.com
06-02-2008 9:40:50 PM EST

Hello cousins! My name is Chris Colegrove (b. 1983). My dad is David Lee Colegrove (b. 1953) and my grandpa was Joseph Bishop Colegrove, Sr. (1920-1995). He was Curtis & Ned's brother, a son of Howard & Ella May. I am obsessed with genealogy myself so look forward to comparing our information to see if we can help each other out. also, any stories on Curtis, Howard, or older generations please let me know. I tried to post a pict with this post, but we'll see if it goes through. It's of Grandpa Joe and Grandma Kat at my parent's wedding (1980). I remember them well, and miss them a whole lot. Feel free to email me at clcolegrove@gmail.com I'll have to look into this site more!! :-)

jimmy colegrove   jimcolegrove@yahoo.com
05-27-2008 3:02:54 PM EST
Great site i've often wonder about where we come from.I did not see anything about uncle ned is he listed under another name.one day grampa curtis was at our house,my toy aligator was sitting on the bed.when grampa seen the aligator he karati choped my aligators head off.i was around grampa alot in my youth he was everything to me.He always gave me a nickle to scratch his back. I LOVE MY GRANDPA AND GRANDMA VERY MUCH.They will always be in my heart.Thanks again for this site i owe you a hug when we meet. if anyone is interested Aunt cathy has my number. I also want to say I LOVE all my aunts and uncles.

05-27-2008 1:23:32 PM EST
Hi Peter, Good to see you found our family website. Anyone interested, Peter is a distant cousin. I found him through a message board asking about Uncle Fessie and some other stines. Im hoping he has some information about our grandfather John Stines. Thanks Peter for contacting us.

Tina   makincurls@embarqmail.com
05-27-2008 1:20:27 PM EST
hey all, I would encourage all my older siblings to please add some of their great stories from their childhood. You all are the keepers of our family heritage. Keep in mind by the time the younger siblings were born..more than likely you were out of the house raising your own family and needless to say can share many interesting facts about our past. So here is a challenge to Belva, Louise, Pat, Helen, Chris, Cathy and even little Cindy, think long and hard about some fun times or interesting things you want to share and PLEASE post it. The family reunion was great and I think next year we need to try to share these stories with one another as well. You know how it is when we Colegroves get to talking...lol love you all,Tina

Mom (again)
05-25-2008 8:09:13 PM CST
How nice it is to read all the info you have put together. If anyone has not clicked on the Colegrove/New section please do and read about the history of the Colegrove name. Worth the read. Good job baby girl IBLOVINU

Danielle   dnhrose@aol.com
05-24-2008 4:20:35 PM CST
Hello everyone! Thanks for all the comments posted. I really hope everyone enjoys this website and all the info that will still be added. There is still so much that needs to be added. Please keep checking back for new information. Love you guys- Danielle

05-23-2008 6:28:43 PM CST
N IKKI, JUST READ COLEGROVES "NEW" and ,WOW, you have really done your homework, so to speak. It,s wonderful what you have done and what you are doing. Great Job!!!!!!! I love you, Aunt Cathy

Mom (again)
05-15-2008 8:05:05 PM CST
Just looking around the website to see if you had updated it. To all that reads this we are going (soon) to Vanceburg Ky looking for the grave of (I forgot that child has had me everywhere) and to W. VA. looking for the grave of Howard Colegrove. Looking forward to it when Danielle gets back from a week of camping. Love you baby and miss you too.

Peter M. Thompson   Petey119@aol.com
05-8-2008 06:13:12 am CDT
Glad to see someone else mentioned Dan, my mom told me he was quite a character and she thought the world of him. As for Uncle Fessie, I still feel bad about tangleing his fishing line up that day but hey I was a kid. He just laughed.He thought it was funny when I had trouble holding on to the pony because it was chasing the other one in heat. Doesn't make for a very fun ride when they go where they want. Can't control Mother Nature. Seems like those horses were always getting me one way or another. If I remember correctly, it was at Aunt Glady's house when I fell off the horse onto some thissles. That was one fat Dog. Can't remember his name off the top of my head but it will come. See you all later. Good job Danelle I'll try to scan the rest of the Stines family tree for you so I can email it. Pete

Donna   jmanjrod@hotmail.com
05-5-2008 12:10:17 pm CDT
Wow, this site is so cool!! I miss Granny Grunt so much. I am intrested in learning more about where we come from and our family's past. You should be very proud of yourself for all your hard work.I love you, Donna

05-2-2008 07:11:21 am CDT
hello again, I just wanted to say that little icon thingy I added with my last message is something jordan drew. I think it is so cute.

Belva Williams   belvawilliams@sbcglobal.net
04-30-2008 05:34:42 pm CDT
Danelle - I'm overwhelmed. What a lot of work and how much it means and will continue to mean to me and to the entire family. I have lots of stories and I'm ashamed (as the oldest) that I haven't taken the time to add to the frey. Thank you so very very much. I love you. Aunt Belva

Helen   mshelen51@cox.net
04-30-2008 07:30:01 am CDT
Nikkie, Thank you very much for all the really hard work. I know it was fun too. This is great. the site is wonderful. Thank you again. Helen and Don

Tina   makincurls@embarqmail.com
04-30-2008 04:46:23 am CDT

Niki, You are so cleaver. this is the coolest thing and the best part is we can all come and view what you have done. I admire your dedication to this project and commend you on a job well done honey! My only regret is that Mom never knew about her family as much as we now know. I love you and everyone and miss you terribly! Aunt Tina

Cathy   ccolegrove@windstream.net
04-29-2008 05:31:49 pm CDT
Hey Nikki, I dearly love what you have done !!Thank You very much for all the Love,time,hours and thought it took to do this. I know how long you have been on this and I really appreciate it from my heart. Keep on Keeping on ! I love you, Aunt Cathy

04-29-2008 09:27:02 am CDT
This is looking really good girl. FYI Daniel Stines middle name was Lee. I'm excited.

Cindy aka MOM
04-25-2008 11:37:58 am CDT
Hey Noodle this looks great already and just think it's basically a draft. By the way when are we going to Vanceburg? I'm ready to travel. Love you MOM

04-24-2008 12:58:02 pm CDT
Welcome everyone! Please feel free to speak your mind, release your thoughts and ask questions about the genealogy of your family. This is a brand new website and will continue to grow as I have time to work on it.

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