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01-24-2011 12:21:58 PM EST
well hi aunt tis only me my email is also bonez0158@yahoo.com and i can ckenk my emails on my phone

Tis only me!
01-24-2011 12:19:00 PM EST
Hey Carl! Glad you found the website. It's good to hear from you and Imma gonna call you. Take care and come back and see us, ya hear?

01-24-2011 12:11:11 PM EST
Nikki Doodle u did a great thing by comming up with this web site girl im glad u r my cusin . o yea thanks for putting my lil girls b day on here u dont know how much that ment to me when i saw it to all the family that knows me and to the one that would like to get to know my my # is 859-433-7219 yall can call me anytime

Danielle   dnhrose@aol.com
01-22-2011 8:03:56 PM EST
Lisa- Thank you for sharing the information. I will get it updated when I can. Most of Lulabells information is from unsourced resources. Thanks again!

01-21-2011 5:52:05 PM EST
Hia all, I"m Lisa, Lulabell Colegrove (ELLIOTT)'s grandaughter I noticed that there where some dates wrong on the web site Lulabells birthday was March 12 and she died DECEMBER 10th...

01-20-2011 11:43:58 AM EST
Forgot to ask you Christy if you were on Facebook? Most of the family is and it is another great way to keep up with happenings.

Cindy   cjkrc157@aol.com
01-20-2011 11:42:11 AM EST
Hi Christy Lynn, long time there girl. How are things with you? WOW a grandmother? Time sure flies, seems like just yesterday you and Ruby were just kids yourself. How is your mom? I see Cindy (Ike's ex) quite often at Staples. Are you living in Lexington? Where? Hope to get to see you soon. Love ya, Aunt Cindy

01-19-2011 8:04:20 PM EST
Hey Christy!! How are you? Congrats on being a granny, are babies and Mom doing o.k? It's good to hear from you. Is your Mom doing O.K? I'm still at the same address, stop and see me sometime.

christy lynn
01-19-2011 1:34:37 PM EST
bt the way my phone number is 859-537-4255. I would like to get to know my family so please call anyone anytime.. Hi DAD LOVE YOU

Christy Colegrove   nene7734@yahoo.com
01-19-2011 1:29:17 PM EST
hello everyone this is Christy Lynn...Want to wish everyone a happy new year and update my family on our newest additions.. my daughter kalyn born 1/21/93 had her first girl on 6/25/09 dakoda hayden lynn hackworth and in november 26th of last year she had kyndall leigh Ane lain.. i am a proud grandmother of 2..Love you all .p.s i was born in 1974

12-31-2010 10:35:15 PM EST
Thank You, Nikki. Happy New Year to everyone!!!!!!

Danielle   dnhrose@aol.com
12-31-2010 4:55:22 PM EST
Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and please be safe on this New Yeaer's Eve.

12-10-2010 9:19:37 PM EST
Magaret, I miss you also & you can call me anytime you want to, I loved the pictures on F.B. Chris, Thank you so very much. I know, you know the pain and devastation of losing a pet thats been your best friend for years and years. My Hootie has been with me for 17 yrs. and it's a pain I can't describe. I did find Rainbow bridge and it was beautiful. As you know, time is the ONLY thing that's gonna help. I just can't hardly function right now, everywhere is Hootie, everything is Hootie. Thanks again!! Love you..........Just Me

12-10-2010 2:15:35 PM EST
Cathy I`m so sorry to hear about your cat.GO to a web sight called (rainbow bridge) you`ll love it.HUGS & Kisses.big bro!!!

12-09-2010 10:35:56 PM EST
I just wanted to say hi to EVERYONE and merry christmas. I really enjoyed the history website and seeing all the pictures of the family. I miss you aunt cathy and hope to hear from you soon. the pictures of dad are great Jim. If you have anymore I would love to get copies. love you all. margaret (john's youngest daughter)

Danielle   dnhrose@aol.com
11-20-2010 9:51:01 PM EST
Jim- WoW, What a surprise I got when I logged on my website. I hadn't check it recently and OH BOY! I love the pictures. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing them with everyone. I will treasure them forever. Do you mind if I put them in other places on the website. Maybe under the Colegrove page...hmmmm. Thanks again. The pictures are great and it was very nice of you to take the time to share them!!!! Hope all is well.

11-13-2010 5:05:37 PM EST
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Jim Colegrove   jimcolegrove2@gmail.com
11-13-2010 2:37:15 PM EST
Thats all for now with my dad in Photo. I hope to get more from my mom to scan soon. All is great with Laura,Joshua and myself, We did find a great apt. Right by where Grampa Colegrove used to live on Lexington st. It brings lots of good memories of Him. Good luck to all of you in Lexington. Love You All Honest Jim Colegrove

Jim Colegrove   jimcolegrove2@gmail.com
11-13-2010 2:29:41 PM EST

Family picture

11-13-2010 2:28:18 PM EST

lol here it is

11-13-2010 2:27:23 PM EST
Dad,Mom,john and, me

11-13-2010 2:24:07 PM EST

Dad at some event lol

11-13-2010 2:22:57 PM EST

Johnny Roy Colegrove ,with his kids

11-13-2010 2:21:15 PM EST

Sory how this one scaned

11-13-2010 2:19:31 PM EST

Dad on the swing

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