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Family Trees listed on the
left side are on
Curtis C. Colegrove's side

Family Trees listed on the
right side are on
Ruby P. Stines side


Their Parents:

Howard Colegrove & Ella May Nichols

       John Roy Stines & Belva Cooper     

Their Grandparents:

Joseph B. Colegrove & Lucy J. Bennett

James Berry Stines & Martha Massey

Doc Nichols & Mary Moore

John W. Cooper & Laura Belle Caudill 

Their Great Grandparents:

  Melvin Colegrove & Zerilda Davisson

George N. Stines & Mary N. Boyd

Unknown parents to Lucy J. Bennett

Thomas B. Massey & Frances Paine

Unknown parents to Doc Nichols

James W. Cooper & Sarah C. Kimberlin

Unknown parents to Mary Moore

Samuel Caudill & Mary Jane Whitt

Their 2nd Great Grandparents:

     Nathan Colegrove & Sarah Clark          

Jacob Stine & Sally Capps

    Joseph Davisson & Mary Shropshire         

James Berry Boyd & Annis Worley


John D. Massey & Nancy X Scott


John Wilkerson Paine &
Unknown Wife


David M. Cooper & Nancy Lykins 


John W. Kimberlin & Elizabeth J DeRossett 


Abel Caudill & Mary Ann Polly Crace    


Henry Whitt & Mathildy H Dickenson 

Their 3rd Great Grandparents:     (Links for 3rd great, not yet available)

I don't have any other information on

Elias Stine & Mary Lantz

Curtis C. Colegrove's side of the family

Unknown parents to Sally Capps


James Boyd & Rachel McGill


Nathan Worley & Amanda Robinson


Henry Massie & Nancy Dixon


John Scott & Amelia Blankenship


Unknown parents to John W. Paine


Unknown grandparents to Frances Paine


Unknown parents to David M. Cooper


William W. Lykins & Violette Lykins


Johannes Kimberlin & Elizabeth Unknown


James DeRossett & Millie Rose


Matthew Caudill & Sarah H. Webb


Peter Crace & Annie Adams


John W. Whitt & Mary L. Smith


Edmund Dickenson & Mary P. Honaker


Family trees will be updated as often as possible.