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09-24-2009 8:35:35 AM EST
Countdown to the Birthday Party. Place: Resthaven, Time: noonish, Saturday, Sept. 26th. Seven going so far, hope to see you there.

Danielle   dnhrose@aol.com
09-13-2009 9:56:46 PM EST
Hello family! Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat... please send me some recipes- how 'bout that? PLEASE PLEASE I am still needing some more recipes to put together a Colegrove Family Cookbook. I would really like for everyone to participate and get a chance to have their treasured recipe put in this cookbook. You can even add a small one - two sentence note to family and friends, and/or send along a photo with your recipe. The photo can be of something about the recipe or an ancestry/history picture of our family. You can have a chance to get one of these cookbooks at no charge. For each recipe you submit, your name will go into a drawing, when I have collected enough recipes for the cookbook I will at random choose some names. I am not sure how many names I will choose. Probably 2 - 4 names, maybe more, it depends on how many different people submit recipes. My email address is DNHROSE@AOL.COM. Please get involved and email me some recipes!!! If you have any questions, ask me.

09-11-2009 9:21:05 PM EST
Looks like Mom might've had a little too much fun. ;D Thanks for all the compliments, I think I had a little cake-trauma when we got done, though! 10 AM to 11 PM baking. ugh!

09-11-2009 6:16:45 AM EST
Raylene, WOW I cant believe Randi is married.. you know your getting old when your great neice is married... OMG! Congratulations.. glad to hear your family is doing so well.. love you Aunt Tina

09-10-2009 4:42:12 AM EST
Hey Jordan that cake is simply beautiful. You are the most talented little angel I know. I love you soooo much and will see you in a few hours or so.

Cindy   wenchygal@aol.com
09-10-2009 4:40:42 AM EST
To Raylene, what wonderful news for you. A new son-in-law and and fun trip for Christmas. Congrats to the newlyweds and hope they are having a wonderful honeymoon and many years together. Cancun will be lots of fun and I think that is a great Christmas gift. I hope to get to meet our newest family member soon. Love to all you guys.

09-09-2009 4:40:12 PM EST
her name is now randi brandonburg. thank you so much niki for the congrats. my oldest daughter (racheal) is taking my husband and i to cancun mexico for christmas i am soooooo excited

Danielle   dnhrose@aol.com
09-09-2009 7:20:07 AM EST
What a beautiful cake. Jordan, you did a fantastic job. It looks wonderfully YUMMY!!! Maybe the new Bride and Groom will let me partake in the One-Year Anny piece that they've frozen. Love ya

09-08-2009 10:03:51 PM EST
Hmmmm I swear it wasnt sideways at the wedding.. my bad!

09-08-2009 9:56:45 PM EST

here is a picture of Jordans first wedding cake that she made for Scots brothers wedding. I was so proud of her.. she has been making family cakes for a while but this one was a big deal and a big hit and it was delicious!

Danielle   dnhrose@aol.com
09-08-2009 6:40:25 PM EST
TO RAYLENE: That is so crazy. Makes us all feel old. Congrats to Randi and your new son-in-law. I am sure that it is weird for you to have a son-in-law. I am so happy for them and hope that have a great time in Myrtle Beach. God Bless them and hope they live long lives together. What is Randi's new last name?

09-08-2009 4:47:09 PM EST
i wanted everyone to know my wonderful daughter randi got married friday and is now honeymooning in myrtle beach. it feels so wierd having a son in law

Marsha's Rep
09-08-2009 12:10:19 PM EST
While Marsha agrees that family members should keep a little PEACE, she is not a member of THIS PARTICULAR family, therefore she has not comment.

To Marsha
09-08-2009 9:58:14 AM EST
That is SO true. Sometimes family doesn't mean to get on your nerves, and they sometimes don't even mean to be in your family... BUT, that being said... Because someone is in a family shouldn't the family members try to keep a little PEACE between them? All of them?

Marsha Norman
09-07-2009 8:37:32 AM EST
Family is just accident...They don't mean to get on your nerves. They don't even mean to be your family, they just are.

Cindy   wenchygal@aol.com
09-06-2009 8:54:33 AM EST
Snowflakes are one of nature's most fragile things, but just look what they can do when they stick together!

Danielle   dnhrose@aol.com
09-03-2009 1:19:56 PM EST
Hello Family!!! I am still collecting recipes to add to our family history cookbook. It would be VERY nice if I were able to add even ONE(1) recipe from each child of Ruby & Curt Colegrove. It would be SUPER if I could add those recipes and even some recipes of their grandchildren also. Please Please Please get involved and participate. I think this will be a good turnout and a piece of memoribilia to keep in the kitchen and a nice conversation piece. The cookbook will not only have recipes but A LOT OF PICTURES AND INFO from this website will also be in cookbook!!! Please email me your recipes- I look forward to receiving some more soon!!!

Jim   jimcolegrove2@gmail.com
09-01-2009 12:21:46 PM EST
Cindy i just read your message ( i dont come to the website often) We dont have transportation,But any of the family that wants to see Joshua is always welcome. Just send me an e-mail i dont have any numbers to call anyone.

09-01-2009 10:37:11 AM EST
WAY TO GO DON! So glad to hear that your health has improved. I know the 2 of you will always have great wealth because you have each other, nothing else matters. Keep up the wonderful outlook on life and you will continue to have a good life. We love you guys even though we don't get to see you much always remember that "WE ARE FAMILY" HEY HEY HEY, I'VE GOT ALL MY SISTER'S AND ME.

08-31-2009 8:27:47 PM EST
Helen and Don, Im sorry to hear about your home. It seems that is happening more and more. I also know the true value that you have on one another and I know in my heart you feel richer having Don healthy. I am so thankful he is doing well. I hope you all continue to have good health and love.

08-31-2009 8:25:22 PM EST
Hey Niki, I have tons of recipes.. I will copy them for you and send them back home with your mom. I sure hope that helps. It would be awesome if each person could contribute at least one recipe for the cookbook. That is the easy part.. Niki has the hard job of arranging and getting it all together to print. Thanks Niki.. glad your such a go getter.. cuz mine done got up and went. Love u

Danielle   dnhrose@aol.com
08-31-2009 3:27:01 PM EST
Aunt Helen and Uncle Don, I hope you all enjoy your new home. Hope all continues to go well for the pair of you. I wish I could see you guys again, it has been such a mighty long time. Uncle Don- I am so glad to hear that you are cancer free, again! Hopefully God has taken all the bad things out of your body and cured you. Tell all I send my love. Love Niki Noodle-

08-31-2009 3:09:16 PM EST
Helen, u r so welcome! I'm here 4 u ntime u need me, o. k?

08-31-2009 3:07:00 PM EST
Congratulations to Don!! that is fantastic. Helen n Don, I sure hope u r happy in new home. Keep On Keeping On!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dearly love u guys. It's all about you right now but............ I will want my seat back (lmao) luv ya

Helen   mshelen51@cox.net
08-31-2009 3:00:59 PM EST
hey everyone thought,I would let ya'll know my new address. It has been a hard time with Don having cancer twice. We have lost our home. We filled bankrupty. Now we are renting a nice home and Making lemonade out of our hard times. Thank you Cathy for being there for me and letting me cry on your shoulder. Now I will pick up and start again with a cancer free husband(1 Yr cancer free). our address is 624A 4th Street Destin, Florida 32541 God is so good to us. Praise God!! thanks again Helen and Don Denver and Buddy

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